Standard Purification - Powdered Activated Carbon

Wastewater and Industrial Process - Watercarb


Watercarb powdered activated carbon is very effective in the removal of a wide range of organic, in-organic and synthetic contaminants from municipal, refinery, petrochemical and coal gasification wastewater, as well as highly contaminated surface and groundwater. The use of Watercarb in wastewater treatment reduces the impact of industrial pollutants on waterways and drinking water supplies.

Industrial Processes

Standard Purification's activated carbon plays a critical role in manufacturing, de-colorization, odor control, catalyst and energy storage. Standard Purification supplies a range of carbons for industrial processes with key attributes of consistency, high purity and optimal pore structure.

Through our close partnership with industry and clients, Standard Purification continues to develop, refine and produce unique activated carbons from wood, bituminous coal and coconut shell materials.

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