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Standard Purification manufactures a variety of innovative powdered activated carbon products under the Watercarb brand name for municipal potable water treatment. Watercarb exhibits the ability to efficiently remove contaminants like MIB and Geosmin responsible for unpleasant taste and odor. Watercarb also assists municipalities reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in turn reducing the formation of disinfection by-products. Harmful substances like Atrazine are also efficiently eliminated from drinking water through the application of powdered activated carbon.

MIB & Geosmin - These offensive taste and odor causing compounds in potable water may arise in the raw water supply and impart an earthy / musty odor to finished drinking water. The existence of MIB & Geosmin in drinking water, while not harmful represents a cosmetic challenge for municipal water treatment plants. Activated carbon is very effective for removing these compounds due to its high specific surface area, large adsorption capacity, high degree of surface reactivity, and porosity.

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) - TOC values provide a measure of the organic compounds present in drinking water. As drinking water is disinfected to inactivate (or kill) microbial pathogens however, disinfectants like chlorine can react with naturally-occurring organic compounds in the water to form byproducts like Trihalomethanes (THM) or Haloacetic acids (HAA). These byproducts, if consumed in excess of EPA's standard over many years, may lead to increased health risks. In response the EPA has developed the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBP rule) to improve municipal drinking water quality and provide additional protection to consumers from disinfection byproducts. The removal of TOC with powdered activated carbon is an important component of most surface water plants' regulatory compliance.

Due to its extremely porous structure, Watercarb has a very large surface area available for adsorption of organic contaminants in water and is easily dosed, mixed and removed. One gram of Watercarb has a surface area in excess of 500 m2 or two full size tennis courts.

Watercarb is available for delivery in pneumatic bulk tanker trailer, 50 pound paper bags and 800 pound bulk bags. Standard Purification is able to assist with product selection and streamlining of product application through optimization of dosing ratios to dosing locations.

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